I always try to balance out my smoothies with some greens such as spinach & good fats to balance out the sweet fruitĀ but I’ve taken it one step further and created a smoothie recipe that is particularly low in sugar but still tasty and satisfying. This one is perfect for people who don’t like to use the sweeter fruits in smoothies.

Low sugar creamy beet & baobab smoothie Breakfast Grainfree snack vegan

Sweet veggies!
The creaminess for this recipe comes from avocado, which not only provides good fats but also fibre, the natural sweetness comes from some cooked beetroot and some baobab powder. Veggies like carrots and beets are actually sweet but most people don’t notice this as their taste buds are very accumulated to highly processed sugary foods, but when you eat a raw carrot on its own you really notice how sweet it can be but they tend not to blend that well and beetroot is great for the liver but also for regulating blood pressure so I decided to use it instead.
I used the vacuum packed pre-cooked beetroots that you can now get in all supermarkets, just to make life easier.
The baobab also provides a mild citrusy sweetness without loads of sugar and gives you a decent dose of Vit C as well.
Tip: You can find baobab on the Aduna website, in Holland & Barrett stores or online at Amazon.

Give yourself time
If you’re still new to/adjusting to an eating pattern that’s real food based rather than your usual processed one then feel free to add some more baobab into the smoothie for flavour as you may need time for your taste buds to adjust to less sweetness.

Recipe (serves 1)
-1/2 small avocadoLow sugar creamy beet & baobab smoothie Breakfast Grainfree snack vegan
-*1/2 up to 1 small cooked beetroot approx. 30-70g
-1 heaped tspn baobab powder
-2 tspn cashew butter
-250ml milk of choice
-1 handful spinach
optional: 1 scoop of protein powder
*Adjust the beetroot to taste as I’m aware some people don’t like the earthy taste

Simply add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.
Adjust the flavour as needs be with some extra baobab/nut butter.