The other day I really fancied making my nicecream (frozen banana icecream) a bit more indulgent and was also craving one of my cricket flour protein Sensbars, the peanut butter cinnamon is my favourite because of the taste and slightly crumbly texture which reminds me a little bit of a cookie, so I decided to crumble some of it through my nicecream to get a “cookie dough” effect and it was amazing!
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Protein cookie crumble nicecream with salted caramel sauce Breakfast Desserts Grainfree snack
Bonus: I’m always trying to sneak veg into my meals where you won’t recognise it and this recipe worked a treat as there’s cauliflower in there but it’s mixed with such dominant flavours that you seriously can’t even tell it’s there (try it once and you’ll see).
There is also the option of making a salted caramel drizzle too if you have tahini (easily found in the world section of the supermarket) which contrasts really well with the sweet banana and rich protein bar.

*If you don’t already have the frozen ingredients then it’s a good idea to prep more than you need so that you can use them for multiple servings and you’re not having to spend hours waiting for the fruit/veg to freeze, always a great way to use over ripe bananas so NEVER through them out, always chop and freeze for a delicious treat.
*As cruciferous veg in the raw form can be hard on the digestive system I always lightly steam my cauli before letting it cool then chopping it into really small pieces and freezing it.

Protein cookie crumble nicecream with salted caramel sauce Breakfast Desserts Grainfree snack

Salted caramel tahini sauce drizzle

Recipe (1 small serving)
-90g chopped frozen banana
-45g cooked, frozen cauliflower
-1/2 tspn vanilla extract
-splash milk/water
-1/2 a peanut butter cinnamon protein sensbar (or your favourite choc protein bar)
optional: 1 Tbspn protein powder
Optional salted “caramel” sauce
-1 heaped tspn tahini (sesame seed paste)
-1/2 tspn honey
-pinch of salt and a splash of hot water if tahini is too thick

-Prep and freeze the fruit and veg if you haven’t got some on hand already, freeze for at least 3-4 hours or overnight
-Use a flat food processor to blend together the banana, cauliflower, vanilla and protein powder if using, once the processor starts, add a drizzle of water/milk through the nozzle to help it along. Once smooth like a soft serve icecream (takes about 2-3 mins) stir through some crumbled protein bar, reserving some for sprinkling on top
-Spoon out the mix into a wide glass/small bowl, sprinkle on more of your bar then mix together the tahini, salt and honey in a small glass before drizzling this over the top, then grab a spoon and dive in!!