So just for funsies try saying the name of this dish 3 times fast! =)

This energising chia pud is easy to throw together the night before, so that you have a quick breakfast the next day and one that will keep you focused for the day ahead. Matcha (green tea powder) is great for energy as it has some caffeine but not loads so won’t leave you feeling jittery, it is also full of antioxidants, ready to help you with any stressful situations that may come your way. The maca powder is optional but I personally love the taste of it with the banana plus it contains some B vitamins and iron which also help with energy.
*As maca may balance out hormones, if you’re on HRT then speak to your doctor before you start long term use, also, as matcha can speed metabolism, those with thyroid issues should talk to their doctor before regular use. I also encourage using gelatinised maca which has less starch and has been cooked making it easier to digest.

Energising banana maca matcha chia pudding Breakfast Grainfree snack vegan

Banana maca matcha chia pudding recipe (serves 1)
-1 banana (reserve half for topping)
-2 & ½ Tbspn chia/flaxseed
-½ tspn matcha*
-Optional: 1 small tspn gelatinised maca*
-125ml any milk
-coconut flakes, berries etc  for topping

Tip: Choose organic Japanese sourced matcha powder for best quality. See my “Green tea 101” post for more info on green tea and matcha.

Chop the banana in half and add one half along with the milk, maca, matcha and chia seeds to a blender and blend until smooth then pour into a bowl and leave overnight or for 2/3 hours to set. Then serve up with the rest of the banana and whatever other toppings you’ve chosen.

Energising banana maca matcha chia pudding Breakfast Grainfree snack vegan