My previous sinless sundae was a big hit with lots of people, it’s still one of the most popular posts on the blog so I’m hoping you guys like this one just as much!
It’s easy to make, only requiring 4 ingredients and a small food processor plus tastes just as good as any premade/processed dessert. If you don’t already have pre-frozen bananas then make them up first/a few hours before.

4 ingredient sinless sundae with a simple blueberry sauce Breakfast Desserts Grainfree snack vegan

A guilt free delicious sundae

This sundae has a chia/flax seed base and the simplest, warm, juicy blueberry sauce to top it off which contrasts beautifully with the cold banana soft serve nicecream, it’s a seriously good combo, super healthy and actually quite low in calories and fat, bonus!

My spring/summer indulgences
These nicecream based kind of recipes become quite common for me when the warmer weather rolls in as they’re cooling, refreshing and help keep you hydrated, plus because they’re fruit based they usually contain at least 1/5 a day. I love using them to cool off with after a good HIIT workout and sometimes add in some protein powder to help with the post workout recovery.
TIP: If making only 1 portion then using a small flat based food processor will give you the smoothest result, if you’re making several portions then a normal sized food processor will do.

4 ingredient sinless sundae with a simple blueberry sauce Breakfast Desserts Grainfree snack vegan

Recipe (serves 1)
-1 heaped tspn chia/flaxseeds
-1 banana, chopped and frozen
-45g fresh blueberries
-50ml any milk
Optional: 1 scoop protein powder/shredded coconut for topping

1) Chop and freeze the banana if you haven’t already got frozen bananas to use (freeze for at least 3/4 hours)
2) Add the chia/flaxseeds into the bottom of a tall glass and add the milk, stir and leave for at least 30mins to set
3) Remove the banana from the freezer and allow to sit for 5min at room temp before adding to a food processor (along with protein powder if using) and blend until a smooth, soft serve texture is formed then add it on top of the seed base
4) Heat the blueberries in a cup/bowl for 20 seconds in the microwave, mash half of them to release the juices then add this along with the whole berries on top of the banana mix, sprinkle on some shredded coconut if desired then enjoy this glass of deliciousness guilt free!