This is a great dinner, so tasty with the creamy hummus which also adds great moisture, savoury mushrooms and with an added kick of heat from the chilli flakes, you can of course leave them out if you don’t like chilli.

By using wholemeal spelt flour and adding a side salad you’re cramming in some lovely nutrition as you tuck into a lovely, hearty, filling plate of deliciousness!
Proper healthy comfort food is what this is.

Spicy mushroom hummus calzone Dinner vegan

Recipe- serves 2
-150g wholegrain spelt flour
-100ml warm water (not boiling)
-2g quick yeast (about half a teaspoon)
-optional: pinch of salt 

Filling-serves 2

-2 large white mushrooms- sautéed
-approx 120g hummus
-1 clove fresh crushed garlic for frying the mushrooms
-chilli flakes
I also added a side salad which I dressed with oil & fresh lemon juice
Spicy mushroom hummus calzone Dinner vegan
Stir the yeast into the water then set aside, mix the salt into the flour then make a well in the middle of the flour and pour in the water and mix together until a dough forms (this may require some light kneading), place the dough ball into the bowl, pour over about a tablespoon of flour (this will make it easier to get back out once it rises) & set aside for approx. 40mins in a warm place until the dough rises. Use this time to prep the mushrooms.

On a floured surface, split the dough into two pieces then roll out the dough into thin circles (try not to get too much flour on the dough as it may then turn out dry).
Once this is done, sautee your mushrooms in oil and garlic if using.
Spread the hummus & mushroom mix onto half the dough (you can add chilli flakes here or save for topping), leaving room at the edges so the mix doesn’t seep out.
Fold the other half of the dough over the mix and press down the edges with a fork or your fingers. Dust off any excess flour before frying to ensure it’s not too dry.
Oil & heat a frying pan to a medium heat then place the calzone in the pan and cook until the underside is light golden brown (approx. 1- 2mins), then gently remove the calzone and place back in on the other side, repeating the previous step until lightly cooked. Serve up with a lovely fresh salad and topped with chilli flakes for a kick!