Healthy eating made easy, who doesn’t have 10mins, noodles, spare veg, peanut butter and some kind of spice in their cupboard?

10 mins to make
At least 2/5 a day
Readily available ingredients
Super tasty with a chilli kick!
10min Chilli peanut butter noodle stirfry Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan
The chilli, ginger and salty flavours from the ingredients mix really well with the PB to give a spicy, sticky, tasty noodle meal. Definitely also a dish for when you’ve a cold and your nose is blocked up as the spice in this will clear it right out! Plus, getting chilli, garlic and ginger into your body regularly is great for the immune system!

Feel free to choose whatever veg you like best or have hanging around in your fridge but I think the peas and mushrooms work well as they’ve neutral flavours so you really get to taste the other ingredients.
10min Chilli peanut butter noodle stirfry Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan
Some people can be un-nerved by peanut products due to the risk of aflatoxin contamination, however you don’t have to exclude them from your diet altogether, just source them wisely and use in moderation. When using peanut products (other nuts are applicable too), try to get them from EU brands as the EU has some of the strictest limits. If it’s an EU brand then it will by law have to test for and monitor not only aflatoxins but other contaminants too, so you’ll be in good hands and can still enjoy your PB & J.
Recipe (serves 1)
-50g of noodles (I used a mix of black bean and spelt noodles)
-45g frozen peas
-65g sugarsnap peas
-80g mushrooms (approx. 2 medium mushrooms)
-1 garlic clove crushed/finely chopped
-1 generous pinch each of cayenne pepper and ginger powder (or use freshly grated ginger)
-1 Tbspn each of water and tamari (gluten free) or regular soy sauce
-1 generous Tbspn peanut butter
-Chilli flakes to top
-Oil for frying (try to use one suited for high temp cooking e.g coconut/avocado oil)
10min Chilli peanut butter noodle stirfry Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan
1-Start boiling the noodles, remembering to leave 5mins before they’re done to cook the frozen peas (chuck the peas into the same pot to save on dishes). Once the peas go in, you can start prepping the veg so that your noodles will be done just before the veg (you don’t want to finish cooking the veg too early as it will cool down while you wait on your noodles cooking)
2-Chop your veg
3-Crush the garlic in a pan with some oil then add in the ginger and cayenne and lightly start to fry this, after 1min add the sugarsnaps and cook for 1 minute then add in the mushrooms
4-After 1-2mins of the mushrooms cooking, remove from the heat & add in the water, tamari (or soy sauce) and peanut butter, return to the heat and stir quickly, add more water if your peanut butter is really sticky
5-Drain your noodles and peas then add these into the wet mix, stirring thoroughly to combine
6-Plate up and sprinkle on some chilli flakes for some extra kick!