Super easy, cheap, tasty, healthy “fastfood”! Wahey!
This is my favourite omelette as the combo of the sweet tomato puree, cheese, basil and oregano really remind me of a pizza, AND there is so much nutrition in the ingredients, you can also squeeze more in there by adding lots of veg and chilli. Plus tomato puree provides better absorption/bio-availability of lycopene than fresh tomatoes as it’s more concentrated and has been cooked, 1 generous tablespoon actually counts as 1 of your 5 a day! Brilliant!To add in even more veggie goodness, serve with a side salad. Try to opt for an organic cheese if you can, as I mentioned in my cheap organic buys post it’ll contain more beneficial omega 3 fats, meaning nutrition galore in this recipe if you choose wisely.

Pizzafied omelette Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack
Pizza omelette!

Recipe- serves 1
Pizzafied omelette Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack -2 whole eggs & 1 egg white
-20g cheese of your choice e.g cheddar or mozzarella
-1 heaped Tbspn tomato puree
-small handful chopped fresh basil
-sprinkling dried oregano
-veg of choice (mushrooms, peppers, rocket & peas/sugarsnap peas are my favs)
-oil for frying
-black pepper to taste
Optional: sprinkling of chilli flakes
-Heat a pan with some oil then finely chop your veg and gently fry it or keep it raw if you prefer but I like my veg, esp mushrooms & onions cooked a little
-While these are cooking, chop the cheese and whisk the eggs
-Remove the veg from the pan and add a touch more oil if needed, then add in the eggs and let this heat up for a few seconds before adding the cheese, then veg, topped with herbs and tomato puree then generously sprinkling with pepper
-Once the omelette has cooked enough start to fold it over, then plate up and sprinkle over some chilli flakes if you like it spicy!