This was another one of those dishes that I thought would taste just nice and actually then tasted far more amazing than expected which left me regretting I didn’t make a bigger batch.
Super easy to make and helps you get another veg into your day, plus it’s a nice change from the usual white or sweet potato chips and is lower in the carbs so I don’t feel guilty about the mayo, woohoo!
Other benefits to eating more parsnips include the nutritional bonus of fibre (keeps you full even though they’re not high in calories), potassium (great for heart & BP), manganese and vitamins K and C.
Garlic parsnip chips with a chilli lime mayo Dinner Grainfree Lunch snack

Recipe serves 1
2 large parsnips
1 tspn garlic powder
oil (use a high smoke point oil e.g cold pressed rapeseed or coconut)
Black pepper
1 heaped Tbspn good quality organic or homemade mayo
Juice 1/3 lime
¼ tspn cayenne pepper

Preheat oven to 170C
Cut the parsnips into chips about 3/4cm long, make sure they’re not too thick as they’ll cook better this way.
Drizzle over some oil & rub it in, sprinkle over the garlic powder then spread on a lined baking tray and grind over some black pepper and place into the oven for 30min.
For the mayo simply mix the lime juice and cayenne pepper through it, you can also grate over some of the lime zest if you choose.