This recipe is a great way to sneak some healthy green powder into your breakfast for a nutrition boost. Moringa is high in vitamin K and iron (among others), which can be hard for some people to get, plus one advantage to consuming it is that you only need a small amount for a big nutritional impact (Aduna brand): approx 96% vitamin K per 4.5g! Start out with small amounts if you haven’t used it before.
Note: Do not use it if you’re pregnant/on blood thinners-speak to a doctor first.
The other ingredients in this meal provide you with plenty of healthy fat and slow release energy to boost the rest of your day!
Moringa can be purchased in health food stores or online
Morning moringa, coconut and goji oats Breakfast snack vegan

-45g oats
-125ml milk (or more if you like thin porridge, any kind of milk will work)
-1 Tbspn shredded coconut
-1 Tbspn goji berries
-1 Tbspn dark choc chips (DF as needed) or 1 teaspoon cacao nibs
-1 tspn honey/maple
-1/2 tspn moringa powder
Optional: sliced banana to serve
Add all the ingredients into a pot (except banana if using) and cook the porridge the way you would normally then serve up with your chosen toppings e.g. more coconut or banana etc