Creamy dreamy spiced sweet potato soup Dinner Grainfree vegan

This recipe is great for the skin as the sweet potato is loaded with beta carotene which is the precursor of Vitamin A which is a strong antioxidant & fat soluble vitamin therefore you need fat in the meal to absorb it hence the benefits of the coconut milk combo.

Recipe (serves 2):
1 large sweet potato (can sub for pumpkin)
¾ can of coconut milk (300ml)
2 tspns smoked paprika
1/2 tspn cayenne pepper
Some water from boiled potatoes

Chop up the sweet potato into chunks and boil for about 10mins until they are tender. Drain the potatoes but keep about 150ml of the water to thin out the soup if you don’t like yours too thick.
Put the chunks into a blender with the other ingredients and blend, add the water bit by bit until you’ve achieved the desired consistency.

Juice cubes
I’ve also been experimenting with ginger, lemon, galangal and kale juice cubes. 

They freeze really well and are great for popping into a morning cup of green tea (GT) which not only gives flavour to the tea but the lemon juice helps the absorption of antioxidants in GT. 
Creamy dreamy spiced sweet potato soup Dinner Grainfree vegan

Combined with the ginger and galangal it gives a much needed boost in the mornings and by freezing them it means you don’t have to get out your juice each morning which I despise as it’s a nightmare to clean up afterward!
Galangal when cut/juiced smells like a much milder form of ginger & is in fact a member of the ginger family so has much the same beneficial properties e.g. healing stomach upsets etc.


Creamy dreamy spiced sweet potato soup Dinner Grainfree vegan
2 lemons
Ginger (about 5cm long)
Some kale stems (no point in wasting those stems from the kale chips)
Optional: Galangal (5cm long)  
Juice the above ingredients, pour into cube moulds and freeze then just pop them out each morning into some tea/hot water (try to avoid freshly boiled water as the temp is quite high and may reduce some of the vitamin C from the lemon).