Cocomojo Health snack
I’ve just tried this new coconut drink that is a mix of coconut water and coconut milk, infused with botanical extracts/ fruits. I’m really enjoying this drink as the coconut milk gives a lovely, creamy taste which in my opinion is better than coconut water alone, so you still get lots of electrolytes but may be more favourable to those who don’t particularly like the taste of pure coconut water.
The botanical extracts include Siberian ginseng, turmeric, galangal & damiana. It is sweetened by fruit extracts/juice including lime, mango, pineapple and agave. Another plus, is that the entire 250ml can contains 100% of your recommended intake of Vitamin C, as well as a portion of other vitamins such as vitamins B2, B3 & B9.

Nutritional info
The entire can is around 170Kcal, 9g fat (8g sat fat but remember it’s the good kind from coconuts which is great for energy due to the medium chain triglycerides) and 16.5 g sugars (most are naturally occurring from fruit, so no refined sugar).
Cocomojo Health snack




I like the taste of this drink (could do with being slightly less sweet0, it provides you with a good dose of vitamins & while it does contain some natural sugars it is definitely better than the majority of other energy drinks out there that are pumped full of refined sugar or fake sweeteners and very high amounts of caffeine. So if you fancy something other than water for a change or you’re looking for a better drink to help with the afternoon slump then I would recommend you give this a go, it’s great for easing yourself onto less sugary drinks if that’s what you normally consume, then try switching to unsweetened coconut water.
P.S. This is being newly promoted within Ireland so it may be a while before it is widely sold in the shops but definitely keep your eye out for it.

Happy hydrating!
Siobhan x